Reason to Visit Munduk Waterfall

by - Juli 19, 2017

Last summer vacation, we hiked to the Munduk waterfall in Singaraja. In addition to a husband (The one and only real geologist in our home. Mum and children is dummy one 😋) who really wants outdoor activities. It's also great for little A and Little C, I thought.

Let's hiking, Children

Munduk Waterfall or Munduk Natural Waterfall on Munduk Village, Banjar District, Buleleng Regency and Bali Province. Located at 800-900 meters above sea level where we can reach about 42 km from Singaraja City and about 70 km from Denpasar city. Since the site is located in Singaraja, north part of Bali is a bit long trips from Denpasar must be done passing through Bedugul highland.

Met the friendly villagers

Munduk Waterfall tracking area is not too challenging. Little A and Little C even sang all the way to the waterfall. Here is absolutely no need for a guide - the path from the road to the waterfall is short and direct - you will not get lost! 

At the edge of the waterfall

The side of the road is filled with tropical plants. To enter the waterfall area, pay only the entrance fee IDR. 10 K / adult and IDR.5 K/child.

What is going on over there? Waterfall as high as approximately 60 meters presented beautifully when arrived at the location.

Munduk Waterfall

It's location away from the crowd becomes a plus for me because the atmosphere is still very natural.

Mum a.k.a me in action 😋

Once satisfied playing water (brrr ! Very cold), we were back hiking towards the car park. Track is passed the same as the track when leaving, just up the track back uphill.

Huff..The track back uphill

In the middle of the hiking, Little A and Little C were exhausted and decided to rest on the edge of the track.

Ate The Banana

Although they are tired but it feels great fun doing outdoor activities. Next time we will repeat again for another waterfall. For sure. 😊

How to go there:


1. Bring the change of clothes because the splash of the waterfall is so hard that it causes wet clothes.

2. Be careful with the motorcycle that passes on the track.

3. Use the right shoes to hiking Track passed sometimes slippery.

4. Along the track there are sellers of fresh fruits, it good to buy. Bananas are sold sweet and ripe in the tree.

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